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Porsche 924: Former soccer superstar Maradona’s ride for sale

Porsche 924 Maradona

If you are into soccer, then there’s no doubt that you will know former superstar Maradona. Now his Porsche 924 is up for sale!

However, my sources tell me that there was a time, before his frantic coke binges, massive weight gain, financial troubles and strange bedfellows, where Maradona was simply a brilliant footballer. The Porsche 924 that turned up on JamesList a few days ago is a testament to that fact. It was made in Germany in 1979 and imported by special request of a 19-year-old Maradona the year after. At the time, Maradona played for the Argentinos Juniors apart from his career in the Argentine national team which would last 17 years. He loved and treasured the car for a solid year and a half before selling it before his transferral to Barcelona.