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VW Golf blue-e-motion concept: Officially unveiled!

VW Golf blue-e-motion concept

VW has taken off the wraps of the VW Golf blue-e-motion concept, the first full electric VW Golf ever.

The all-electric Golf blue-e-motion features an electric motor with 85 kW /115 PS under the bonnet powered by lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor provides an instant torque of 270 Nm (199 lb-ft), right from the go, while the batteries allow for a range of up to 150 km (93 mi). Top speed for the electric Golf is a respectable 140 km/h (87 mph).

VW will be manufacturing a fleet of 500 Golf blue e-motion models for testing next year. The Wolfsburg-based automaker plans on taking the car to production in 2013, after the debut of the VW Up blue-e-motion. Volkswagen is also planning on a Jetta blue-e-motion to be introduced that same year.