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VW Golf blue e-motion: New photos of electric model released

VW Golf blue e-motion

Here are some new photos of the electric VW Golf blue e-motion. Enjoy!

Called the Golf blue-e-motion, it previews the zero emission driveline and lithium-ion battery technology VW intends to place in a production version of the new car that its chairman, Martin Winterkorn, says will go on sale in Germany and other key markets, including the UK, in 2013.

Mounted up front in the space normally taken up by the Golf’s petrol or diesel engines is an 115bhp electric motor. It drives the front wheels through a new single gear gearbox developed by Volkswagen called the MQ210.

Electric power for the motor is provided by a lithium-ion battery pack mounted within the middle tunnel of the floorpan, under the rear seat and in the floor of the boot. With a capacity of 26.5kWh it is claimed to provide a nominal range of 93miles.