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VW Golf GTI: It’s got its mojo workin’ again


Very interesting and detailed review here of the VW Golf GTI. Have a look!

A stomp of the middle pedal brings easily modulated rapid deceleration. This car’s reflexes are the stuff of hot-hatch daydreams, and while 3,000 pounds isn’t featherweight anymore, neither is it as portly as most mainstream cars. The GTI feels nimble because of this, and while older VR6-equipped GTIs may have been more rapid, the six-cylinder certainly exacted a weight and handling penalty. The other demerit to the bigger engine was thirst, and the 2010 GTI provides relatively cheap thrills with fuel economy of 21 mpg city, 31 mpg highway. We’re happy to see that the old first-generation frisky/frugal dichotomy has once again found its mojo.