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VW Golf GTI: Special editions “Adidas” and “Excessive” launched at Woerthersee Festival

VW Golf GTI Adidas, VW Golf GTI Excessive

VW has taken off the wraps of the VW Golf GTI Adidas edition and VW Golf GTI Excessive edition at the Woerthersee tuning festival. Nice!

The Adidas is a three-door GTI that carries the name of the famous German sportswear brand. The only exterior differences are small Adidas badges on the B-pillars and unique 10-spoke alloy wheels. On the inside, the usual GTI plaid upholstery has been supplanted by a black finish with red side bolsters and the Adidas triple stripe down the middle. Cars equipped with the DSG dual-clutch gearbox also get an old-school shift knob with golf ball texturing.

The GTI Excessive (of which no images are available yet, we’re working on it) features a series of new motorsports inspired exterior parts all finished in a high-gloss piano black.