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VW Passat: Sneak peak!

2011 VW Passat

Interesting sneak peak here at the 2011 VW Passat. A must see!

The brief given to the designers called for a crisper and more elegant appearance – and for that new uniform VW look. “We have been accused of visual sameness,” acknowledges VW styling director Walter de Silva. “But to understand our strategy, you need to look at the big picture. First of all, we must create a truly sustainable common form language for all VW models. Once the customers have taken in the new identity, we can start to differentiate slowly and very carefully. Consider for example the redefined family face, the implementation of which will be complete early next year. It defines the brand, and it must in essence remain about as consistent and classy as the design philosophy pursued by Apple. What makes all the difference is how the sculpture, the surfaces and the detailing relay exactly the right mix of style and substance.”