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Audi A1: Full driving report

Audi A1

Here’s one of the first full driving reports of the new Audi A1. A must read!

What’s it like?

Sophisticated. No more so is this evident than in its interior. No other volume manufacturer keeps such a consistently premium feel in their cars across the range, and the A1 is no exception for Audi. Its interior quality and design feel like an Audi should, even though it’s the smallest, cheapest Audi.

Indeed, there are even aspects to the A1’s interior that could filter up to the rest of the Audi range. The MMI sat-nav that pops out the top of the dash is a stylish and neat feature that feels premium enough to move higher up the Audi range.

To drive, the A1 feels very mature. It feels far more substantial than its compact dimensions suggest, especially when considering its platform is shared with the Ibiza and Fabia. The Polo is more refined than its budget counterparts, but the A1 moves this on even further; it has an air of sophistication and refinement that we haven’t seen before in this class.