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Audi A5: Challenge Bibendum brings Ethanol E100-ready mod with 25 mpg and 146 mph

Audi A5

This Ethanol E100-ready Audi A5 was prepared for the Challenge Bibendum and delivers 25mpg and a top speed of 146mph. Impressive!

it’s not that surprising that a car at a green transportation event in Brazil burns ethanol, but the fact that it can use nothing but the biofuel is a bit surprising. Audi does offer some flex-fuel models, most notably the A4 and A4 Avant in Germany, and has tested E85 in the A5 in the past, but this is the first modern E100 Audi vehicle that we know of. Here are some key numbers about the pure ethanol-burning A5:

* Engine 2.0 TFSI 132 kW (180 PS), 320 Newton-meters of torque
* Manual 6-gear quattro transmission
* 0-100 kilometers per hour in 6.9 seconds
* Top speed: 236 km/h (146 miles per hour)
* Weight: 1,310 kilograms