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Audi Q7: Dream sound system comes with 62 speakers!

Audi Q7

Audi means to listen in Latin and that’s what you can surely do in style in this Audi Q7 which serves as rolling sound studio with 62 speakers built-in. Awesome!

After orchestrating the design and installation of some pretty far-out Bang & Olufsen sound systems into vehicles like the R8, A8, and Q7, you’d think Audi’s sound engineers would be perfectly content. Not so. In fact, in pursuit of the perfect sound, some engineers within the company have created their dream sound system, which involves stuffing 62 speakers into a Q7.

“We can simulate any wave front,” Gleim said in a release. “With stereo, we can generate a sound as if the two speakers were located far outside the car. We can also add any desired spatial impression computationally — not as a sound effect, but as a mathematically precise simulation.”

Gleim’s team managed to cram all 62 speakers, baffles, and amplifiers into the Q7, but its interior looks anything but normal. The ASP system includes five tweeters, five subwoofers, and 52 midrange speakers, all connected to a large power amplifier. Speakers are integrated into the dashboard, pillars, door panels — virtually anywhere engineers could find space. Three separate PCs are needed to control both the amplifier and the entire speaker array.