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Audi Q7: Next generation will be smaller

Audi Q7

Audi has revealed that the next-generation Audi Q7 will be smaller, sometimes less is more.

So Audi is planning on offering two versions for the future Q7: an XXL seven-seater for China, the Middle East, and North America and a relatively compact five-seater for Europe and the rest of the world. Will these plans help out with sales? Audi isn’t sure so concrete plans are being held off until the company has a better idea for potential sales.

Audi is currently analyzing two options. Their first option is using a high-strength steel platform that would reduce the Q7’s weight by a maximum of 550 pounds. Unfortunately, this is not enough to reduce fuel consumption. Their second option is using an all-new aluminum space frame architecture that will reduce weight by almost 1100 pounds, but this is very expensive.