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Audi S8: Will it look like this?

Audi S8

Street word has it that this rendering likely is very close to the real Audi S8. A must see!

Photoshoppers usually can’t resist taking liberties so those who don’t and keep it production are ones that stand out to us. By using the simple front three quarter from the configurator Acerbus has made it easy to manipulate while keeping the view realistic. With a fine eye for design cues, he’s grabbed the new horizontal strut style grille and lower needle intake accents introduced on the TTS just a few weeks ago. Add in silver mirror caps, an S-car staple, and some common Audi S-car wheels and you have a car that is VERY likely to be close to the real deal.

Where could it be wrong? We expect Audi will go for a different wheel than the old B7 RS 4 wheel. That wheel design is still available on the new TTS but, classic though it is, it’s been around for a long time. Different too could be the chin spoiler. That’s the one place we were most wrong back when we speculated on the D3 and the place Audi is most likely to change things up just as it did on the TTS.

As for engine, information gleaned from our sources suggests the car will make use of an upcoming all-new 4.0T biturbo FSI good for a rumored 450 hp.