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Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed: Awesomely fast, hugely entertaining

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed

Nice test drive report here of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed. Enjoy!

Yes, the Bentley’s sheer, um, speed is astonishing. And there’s nothing wrong with its acceleration, either. The 0-60 mph sprint is dispatched in just 4.2 sec., and the quarter-mile in 12.9 sec. at 106.7 mph. Pretty impressive for a sedan weighing a stout 5482 lb. Part of the reason is the herculean W-12 under that stubby hood. Nailing the gas is like opening the floodgates of the Hoover dam; you surf an irresistible surge of thrust as the CFS lunges for the far horizon. But the Bentley’s all-wheel-drive system — unique among super-luxury sedans — also makes sure every last one of the CFS Speed’s 600 horses and 553 lb.-ft. of torque gets to the pavement.

But what’s really impressive about this car is its chassis. Like their counterparts at Porsche, Bentley’s chassis engineers seem determined to build a car that defies the laws of physics. The CFS Speed grips and steers and punches through turns almost like a sport sedan. True, it works its front tires very hard, and the AWD layout robs the steering of some clarity, but after an exhilaratingly fast run along a canyon road you get out of the CFS Speed shaking your head and grinning like a loon at the sheer implausibility of what you’ve just done. No car this big, this heavy, this luxurious should be this good in the twisties.