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Lamborghini Gallardo: Used car buying guide

Lamborghini Gallardo

Interesting read if you are into buying a used Lamborghini Gallardo.

At six years old, Lamborghini’s useable V10 supercar has dropped to half its original price and can be had for around £60,000. Now’s the time to buy, says James Ruppert.


Numerous examples have been damaged on track days and wild nights out, so it’s vital to look at the fit and finish of the car’s panels and investigate the history. There is a five-year bodywork and corrosion warranty. Look for respray telltales too.


If you hear creaking and cracking from the ball joints, they may need replacing. See if you can drive over potholes reasonably quietly. It will cost around £500 a side and is a fairly common occurrence.


V10 is a fabulously reliable unit. Provided it has been serviced properly — £1200 annually, £2500 every two years — there should not be a problem.