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Porsche Boxster Spyder: Test drive report

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Interesting test drive report here of the Porsche Boxster Spyder. Have a read!

Our test drive of the 2011 Boxster Spyder was somewhat unusual. Picking it up in Halifax, Nova Scotia with colleague Brian Harper of the National Post, we drove the $90,210 as-tested Arctic Silver Spyder from Halifax to Ottawa (via Edmunston, New Brunswick), whence Mr. Harper continued to Toronto.

The extra $17,310 (over the base price) was accounted for by specifying Carrera Red leather interior, bi-xenon headlights, painted roll-bar, sport shifter, sport exhaust, automatic climate control and the Sport Chrono package. The audio system was a no-charge option, as was the cupholder, and for 2011, Bluetooth, USB interface and floor mats are (finally) standard equipment in Boxsters.