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Porsche Panamera Turbo: Taxi driving report

Porsche Panamera taxi

Maybe you remember our story that there’s a Porsche Panamera taxi running in Germany. Here’s the first driving report!

Damn! Cameras flashing at us again! Must be the 50th time today so far. No surprise, really, as a 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo is still rare enough to catch the attention of anyone with a camera or cell phone.

Only this time, it’s the color of this Panamera that is catching everyone’s attention. It’s called “Hellelfenbeinweiss” and translates roughly as “light ivory white.” It’s the particular shade of beige that you’ll find on every taxi in Germany. And it transforms this impossible dream of 500 horsepower and 188 mph into a realistic ride for anyone with a handful of Euros — from the backseat, of course.

So how did this $132,000 super sedan become the fastest taxi in the world? All it took was about 25 yards of contact paper, a yellow roof sign, a meter, a writing pad stuck to the windscreen, a few no-smoking and credit-card stickers and a rooftop communications aerial.

Two final touches bring true authenticity to this Porsche Panamera taxi, however: a beaded cover for the driver seat and a furry wrap for the rim of the steering wheel.