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VW: AKTIV project brings new intelligent driver assistance systems for increased safety


VW is working on some cool new technology to increase safety. Have a read!

The Volkswagen AKTIV project will include the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (SFR), the Integrated Lateral Assistance (IQF), the Driver Awareness and Safety (FSA) and the Situation-Responsive Driving (STAF).

The Integrated Lateral Assistance part of the Volkswagen AKTIV project involves an active lane-keeping assistance system that’s already available on some of the groups vehicles. This lane-assist will work together with other systems
to actively support the driver in terms of longitudinal and lateral vehicle control.

The Situation-Responsive Driving (STAF) system developed as part of the Volkswagen AKTIV project includes the Roadworks Pilot system that helps the driver avoid traffic congestion.