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VW Amarok: Prices officially revealed

VW Amarok

VW do Brasil has officially revealed the prices for the VW Amarok.

It’s out. Volkswagen’s best kept secret is out. At VW do Brasil’s website. The price for the mid-size (for Brazil) Volkswagen Amarok is out. It’s way out there. You can pre-order now. Ready? Take your checkbook out. Breathe deeply …

For a measly R$119,490.00, that’s right, for a pittance of US$66,383.33, the VW Amarok can be yours. In Brazil.

In return, you get a bi-turbo 2.0 diesel good for 163 costly ponies. A 6-speed manual gearbox. 4×4 traction. 2.52 square meters in the (truck) bed. There is Volkswagen’s alphabet soup, consisting of ABS (Anti Blocking System) , TCS (Traction Control System), EBC (Electronic Braking Control) , BAS (Brake Assistance System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), EDL (Electronic Differential Limiter). There is an acronym-free (AFAIK) uphill start holder, along with a downhill controller.