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VW Golf blue e-motion: The most credible electric car so far?

VW Golf blue e-motion

Nice test report here of the VW Golf blue e-motion. Have a read!

What’s it like?

You’re going to hear this more and more when it comes to electric vehicles, but here goes: extremely normal.

Stick the single-speed transmission in D, apply a modest amount of throttle and the Golf eases away with just a little whine from the electric motor. That instant torque is never far away, mind; the front wheels will happily light up if you apply full throttle in the hottest mode – and it doesn’t feel 205kg heavier than a regular Golf.

The car has three power profiles that control the output of the electric motor. ‘Comfort+’ offers the full 85kW, ‘Normal’ reduces this to 65kW, and ‘Range+’ limits power to 50kW and turns off the air conditioning system. The selected mode is visible in the Golf’s multifunction display between the instrument dials.

In normal cruising there’s little to choose between the three settings; I’d be tempted on a typical morning trundle into town to select Range+ and get an extra few miles on one charge. A kickdown function does provide the full power if called upon, incidentally; it’s a safety feature.

Beyond D on the gearshift there’s B; this setting increases the amount of energy that’s harnessed when the car is coasting. Use the gearstick and it goes into its most aggressive setting; if you’re aiming for a smooth cruise you’ll barely need to use the brake pedal at all, such is the effect of the kinetic energy recuperation. Two paddles behind the steering wheel also allow you to select two more modest settings.