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VW Jetta: Next generation to start under $15K

VW Jetta

Street word has it that the next-generation VW Jetta in 2011 might start under $15K.

While the timing of the Jetta’s release isn’t a huge surprise (particularly considering the recent rash of spy shots), the real shocker could be the price. For the 2010 model year the cheapest Jetta will set you back $17,735, but word has it that the new model will start at just $14,950.

Volkswagen officials have long lamented how the dollar-to-euro exchange rate affects pricing of its wares, and recently, VW has been working to source more components and systems from dollar-zone suppliers. Hopefully, the drastically reduced price won’t come at the expense of de-contenting and cheapening the interior of the new model.

Picture by AutoExpress