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Audi: Next-gen vehicles will be watching you


Interesting report here about Audi’s AKTIV technology. Give it a read!

Audi equipped a test vehicle with forward-looking, 3D-imaging sensors, a processing unit that identifies traffic situations, and affixed internal cameras that keep an eye on the driver in an effort to develop next-generation active pedestrian and cyclists safety and crash-avoidance technology.

As part of the German Adaptive and Cooperative Technologies for Intelligent Traffic (AKTIV) consortium, Audi is participating in a three-pronged program consisting of Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists, Active Emergency Braking, and Driving Safety and Attentiveness, which aims to use advanced automotive technology and communication to reduce traffic accidents.

On the road, 3D sensors on the Audi’s test vehicle scan traffic for potential accident scenarios. Based on Audi researcher’s classification system of the scenarios and related injury severity, the vehicle can implement a “concept of action for braking and steering”.