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Audi R8: Is it Audi’s iPod?

Audi R8

Interesting article here about the Audi R8 and why it might be Audi’s iPod.

Luckily Audi dropped a bomb in December 2008 as they announced a R8 which would use a 5.2 litre FSI engine, based on the unit in the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.With figures bouncing around of 518 bhp, and 530 newton metres of torque everyone looked at the sky and said “thank you”. As soon as testers fired the V10 up and heard the snarl and crackle everyone looked round and said this is what the R8 should have been.

Was it smart business sense for Audi to tease us like this? Well I guess so. The changes to the v10 weren’t massive apart from the engine as it only got prettier lights, a louder sound system (not that you need it) and special wheels. But these little tweaks appeal to the material cyborg which human beings have become – we need the latest product. That is why a number of dealers saw people who had the ‘old’ R8 V8 come in and cough up £112,500 for a V10. So why have Audi just decided to release a new lightweight hardcore R8 GT? Well the iPod video was so last year darhhhling! It is all about the iPhone now.