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Audi RS3: Preview comparison against BMW 1 M

Audi RS3, BMW M1

Very interesting comparison here of the upcoming Audi RS3 against the BMW 1 M. A must read!

The front end of the BMW will get a trapezoid grille, flanked by two intakes that will help cool the brakes. The larger front grille will allow air to flow into the high-performance intercooler. The headlights will get that typical M look to try and beat home the point that this car is far more powerful.

Around back, the rear valance/diffuser will look a bit like the one on the 135i, but with open ducks for aero purposes. The 1M will get the typical M quad exhausts and the roof will be carbon fiber.

The Audi is the same way, but it does look better at least. From the spy photographs, the RS3 doesn’t look that much different than the normal A3. There are the usual RS badges on the grille and bigger fender flares, but that’s about it. It actually doesn’t look too bad.

The RS3 will have a winden body, which the current S3 doesn’t offer. The air intakes will be huge and there will be oval exhaust pipes that will highlight the RS3’s exterior. Inside, the RS3 will get the flat-bottomed steering wheel and racing seats.