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Bentley Mulsanne: First drive report

Bentley Mulsanne

Nice first drive report here with the Bentley Mulsanne. Enjoy!

None of this bothers you much when you first get the keys, of course; you’re more interested in finding out what one of the few cars with a four-figure output feels like to drive. In this case it’s torque: 1020Nm, or 725lb ft, delivered at just 1750rpm, with the peak 505bhp coming at 4200rpm, just 300 short of the change-up point.

This new 6.75-litre, twin-turbo V8 shares all its fundamental dimensions – capacity, bore centres – with Bentley’s ancient ‘six and three-quarter’; they wanted the same overwhelming torque that configuration has provided for 50 years, but incorporating new, lighter internals, variable cam-phasing and cylinder deactivation for better economy and emissions meant redesigning the block. So the numbers are the same but the engine is new, and it drives the rear wheels through an equally modern ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox.