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Mercedes-Benz E class Coupe: Comparison against Infiniti G37

Mercedes-Benz E class Coupe, Infiniti G37

Interesting comparison here of the Mercedes-Benz E class Coupe against the Infiniti G37.

Anyway, what I’m really saying is that after driving and experiencing the latest round of Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs, my mind is changing. For no other reason, really, than that endlessly reassuring thunk you feel and hear when you close a Mercedes door. I could do it all day.

While there’s a big place in my heart (and yours Mike) for the big G, the E-Class Coupe is easily my favorite car to wear the three-pointed star not called SLS and my favorite luxury coupe. As much as I would enjoy the more sporting nature of a 3 Series, the E is so refined, so elegant and so impenetrably built that it would be impossible to resist. Plus, I hate B pillars. My great grandfather was murdered by a B pillar and I’ve been against them ever since. The E doesn’t have them. Actually, none of the Mercedes coupes do. How come it’s the only company that can make that work?