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Porsche 911: A comment by Jeremy Clarkson

Porsche 911

Some hilarious comments by Jeremy Clarkson on the Porsche 911. Not that we agree, but it’s a must read nevertheless!

Most of all though, I’ve come to like the size. As other cars have swollen and become fat, the 911 has remained fairly small. That’s a good thing.

No, the problem is the location of that engine. Putting it behind the rear wheels is as wrong as trying to invade Russia when you haven’t closed down the Western Front. It can’t work and it looks like belligerence to endlessly try to overcome the inherent problem rather than simply giving up and starting again.

Yes, putting the engine at the rear means you have more weight over the back wheels so off the line, when the tail of a car squats, that means more grip, less wheelspin and quicker acceleration. Lovely. You will arrive at the corner in front of your adversary… but then what? You will turn the wheel, there will be no weight over the front wheels, you will understeer, and if you lift off to correct that, the nose will pitch down, the rear tyres will lose grip and any attempt to correct the resultant slide will be pointless because the engine’s in the back acting like a giant pendulum.