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Porsche 928: For sale, comes with Boeing T-50 fire breathing helicopter jet engine

Porsche 928

Awesome mod here of a Porsche 928 which is up for sale and comes with a Boeing T-50 fire breathing helicopter jet engine. Check the video!

“At last, an air-cooled 928” says the seller on the eBay ad for a 1982 Porsche 928. Except it’s not quite what you might think, because the manufacturer of the engine that’s been slotted into the nose of this particular car was Boeing.

That’s right, this clearly deranged gentlemen from Oregon has decided to fit a jet turbine engine from a Vietnam-era QH50 helicopter drone into his early eighties Porsche.

The result is a 365 horsepower monster (though the engine is rated up to 550hp) with a claimed 700-plus lb ft of torque.