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Porsche Speedster: Will it look like this?

Porsche Speedster

Street word has it that Porsche is working on a Porsche Speedster for 2011/2012. The big question is: will it look like this?

Following hot on the heels of other recent retro-inspired special editions, such as the 911 Sport Classic and Boxster Spyder, the Speedster resurrects a legendary name not seen since the early Nineties. That model was the 964 Speedster which appeared in 1989 – a low-roof cabrio with unusual rear bodywork inspired by the
356 Speedster of the Fifties. Exactly 936 examples were built in standard and wide-body styles – a relatively short production run – and the modern incarnation will be an even rarer beast. Only 100 units will be produced, making it one of the most exclusive and distinctive Porsches ever to turn a wheel.

As you can see from our picture, the classic Speedster silhouette will be retained, albeit with a modern twist. The cut-down windscreen and wider bodywork add to the 911’s already low-slung appearance, while the oversize rear humps give the Speedster its signature shape and ensure it’s strictly a two-seater. Much like the Boxster Spyder’s tent-like canvas roof, a semi-permanent fabric hood is likely to be available – hence the red hoops you can see protruding from the bodywork.