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VW e-Up!: Coming to the US in 2013

VW e-Up!

VW will bring the VW e-Up! to the US in 2013. Great news!

The Up!, Volkswagen’s ambitious new minicar, has not been earmarked for North-America. But in the most recent planning round, we find the E-Up!, also known as NSF BEV (New Small Family, Battery Electric Vehicle), scheduled to hit select U.S. cities for 2013. Technology and range are still to be determined, but the concept E-Up!, which debuted at last fall’s Frankfurt auto show, featured a 60 kilowatt-hour electric motor and could go a distance of about 80 miles, per Volkswagen claims.

The electric vehicle will be the lowest volume variant of the Up!, which Volkswagen has billed as the spiritual successor to the original Beetle and projects at 600,000 sales annually in its initial production stage.