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VW Golf GTI: Burnout test against Mazdaspeed 3

VW Golf GTI, Mazdaspeed 3

Interesting burnout test here of the VW Golf GTI against its Japanese rival, the Mazdaspeed 3. Enjoy!

The first time it was about muscle-bound glory. The second time it was all about sports car supremacy. This time it’s about defiance! For the third Burnout Super Test® we spit in the eyes of physics! We tempt fate with little directional stability! That’s right, this time we fry the front-drive baloneys.

Yummmmm, fried baloney…

Anyhow, one afternoon in a moment of brilliant, overwhelming collective insight, the Inside Line brain trust noticed that there was both a 263-horsepower 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 and a 200-hp 2010 Volkswagen GTI in the current long-term fleet. Clearly, doing a burnout contest with these turbocharged front-drivers was a natural. Well, not really that “natural” since front-drivers really don’t like doing burnouts.