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VW Jetta: First drive report

VW Jetta

Nice first drive report here with the new VW Jetta. Enjoy!

The parts most important to the Jetta have carried over intact, which means the new model feels expensive, drives (mostly) like a Golf, and has a comically enormous trunk. Just like all the old Jettas.

But this one, thanks to a wheelbase stretch, has an enormous back seat, too. Oh, and there’s one more thing: it’s no longer ugly. In fact, designer extraordinaire Walter de Silva has captured the beauty of previous Jettas in a very modern way: like the Jettas of yore, the 2011 is an all-business, conservative design, but one that’s handsome enough to run in circles with cars costing twice as much. It may not be as pretty as the Golf, but the new Jetta makes all of its competition — especially the smiling Mazda 3 and the space-ship Civic — look like toys.