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VW Jetta: First video of new Infotainment system

VW Jetta Infotainment

Here’s the first video of the new Infotainment system of the VW Jetta. Have a look!

VW’s new system, with a 5-inch LCD touchscreen, navigation and controls for iPods, SD cards and auxiliary jacks is a first step down the road of ultimate connectivity.

What’s it like to use? Like some aftermarket systems, the Jetta’s infotainment setup requires a few minutes to learn. The 5-inch LCD screen is among the smaller ones we’ve used (down there with Nissan’s LCD units in some Altimas). It’s flanked by buttons for the major controls, and once you’re inside those functions, you run the systems with a combination of LCD touchscreen and the four buttons under it–a pushbutton/rotary knob flanked by a pair of redundant buttons, and a back button.The navigation piece is fairly straightforward. Press the button and you get an unmarked set of predictable icons for address book, POIs, and more. The system lets you type in on the screen, rather than use the rotary controller in the maddening way you’d find in some Acura/Honda systems, or the one in the 2011 Buick Regal.