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VW Passat CC Sport: Is it as good with three pedals?

VW Passat CC Sport

Nice test report here of the VW Passat CC Sport. Enjoy!

Around town, the CC acquits itself admirably. The ride is comfortable, yet controlled, in typical VW fashion, and the car feels relatively nimble without coming across as tinny. We’d probably stick to some smaller wheels as the 19s impart just a hint of harshness and increased road noise compared with the standard 17-inchers. The 2.0-liter turbo is punchy, even in this 3200-pound application — a feeling backed up by a 0-to-60-mph time of 6.8 seconds in our instrumented testing. Put the hammer down away from a stoplight, and the CC exhibits very little torque steer, quelling a concern inherent to many high-output, front-drive vehicles.

But how about that gearbox? Buyers opting for the manual will be rewarded with easy clutch take-up and precise lever action, though both the clutch pedal and shift lever are just a little bit too light for our tastes, losing a little positive feel in the process. Give us just a touch more heft to each control, and we’ll be happy, though daily rush-hour commuters may beg to differ. Nitpicking aside, there’s no escaping that the old stick and pedal interplay makes the CC more engaging to drive than the fancy DSG version.