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Audi A6: Lighter and longer, new intel about next generation!

Audi A6

We have some new intel for you about the next-generation Audi A6 which will be lighter and longer. A must read!

Audi’s 2013-model A6 will be a bigger car than the current one. Like the latest A4, it will contain its weight with some aluminum exterior panels. High-tech drivetrains will enhance the mass reduction to improve economy and performance. And it will come with a raft of standard and optional driver aids.

The car’s core body is steel, and it shares this with the newly announced A7. It will ride on a 115-inch wheelbase, some three inches longer than the current model’s, but still two inches short of the new BMW 5 Series’. The sedan arrives in Europe in 2011 and, less than a year later, in the U.S. as a ’13 model.