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Audi A8: Impressive photos from St. Regis event

Audi A8

Have a look at these photos from Audi of America’s Audi A8 event at St. Regis. What an impressive fleet! Awesome.
There are also some very nice interior shots. Click on the “source” link to see the full gallery.

Well I got a text from my mom earlier today that said “there are a bunch of new Audis at the St. Regis right now.”
So I packed my bags and headed on over to see what was up. I was in awe as soon as I pulled into the front staging area.
This was not a public event. It was specifically for those who are employees of Audi to educate them on the new Audi A8,
so that when they take delivery in October they will be qualified to speak on behalf(sales) and service (techs) the new flagship.
I was lucky enough to chat with one of the associates whom was very kind and he also let me get into any of the A8s I wanted.
Not being a public event, I felt very privileged to be in any of the cars of my choice. Truly Remarkable.