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Audi: More than doubling the clean diesel line-up in US

Audi TDI clean diesel

Audi of America will more than double the existing clean diesel line-up in the US. Great news!

Audi U.S.A’s chief marketing officer, Scott Keogh, revealed the company’s diesel dreams in a recent interview with Green Car Advisor. Keogh unveiled that Audi expects to, “more than double our existing diesel portfolio in the next year or so” and added that the TDI engine is “definitely a part of the growth and success we’re having in the [U.S.] marketplace.” Though Keogh would not disclose which models would come packing the TDI powerplant, Audi spokesman Brad Stertz did suggest that the company is “looking at the possibility of TDI for the A8, A6 and A4” contingent upon Audi successfully “working through packaging of the TDI equipment in different models, emissions, and other regulatory testing.”