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Audi Q3: Will it look like this?

Audi Q3

Interesting rendering here of the upcoming Audi Q3. Will it look like this? Have your say in the comments.

The Q3 is an SUV, previously spied here, due for a debut in 2011. It is Audi’s answer to the BMW X1, a compact SUV released late last year which is now Europe’s biggest selling SUV overall.

But Audi is not far behind, since its mid-sized Q5 SUV, a direct competitor to the BMW X3, fell just 407 units shy of the X1 in sales figures for the first six-months of 2010 – 44,067 X1 units sold compared to 43,660 units of the Q5. A successful Q3 model could help Audi’s total SUV lineup sales considerably.