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Audi S4 3.0 TFSI: Road test report

Audi S4 3.0 TFSI

Great road test report here with the Audi S4 3.0 TFSI, one of our favorite Audi rides.

Audi’s 3 liter supercharged and direct injected V6 is a thing of beauty. It’s incredibly smooth, has tons of low end torque, and amazingly enough is very rev-happy. Unlike a turbocharged engine, there is no lag from depressing the throttle pedal to feeling a surge of power. Unlike a larger naturally aspirated engine, it doesn’t require high revs to make maximum power. The supercharger itself is silent, even with the windows open. The exhaust note is decidedly V6 in nature, though it has a nice baritone with a very slight rasp at high revs. With a torque peak of 325 lb/ft beginning at 2900 rpm and ending at 5300 rpm, and maximum power of 333 hp from 5500-7000, this car is hysterically fun to drive. No, there’s no huge rush of power, because there’s so much power available in such a broad range of the rev band. But, keep your right foot planted, and the car positively hurls itself forward down the road. The power is so broad that you can skip from 1st to 6th and just drive. Yes, you read right. We did it a few times in casual driving. On the highway, there is almost no reason to ever shift out of 6th, thanks to the electric motor quality of the power delivery. Seriously, if you happen run it down to 40mph in 6th, it accelerates hard and smooth back up to 65 and more.