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Audi TT RS: Practically a go for the US! First price rumors!

Audi TT RS

Read on to learn why the Audi TT RS is practically a go for the US including some new intel.

So what’s the status? We’ve heard everything from ‘officially official’ to ‘jury still out until interest is measured’. What we know for sure is this. First, Germany has green-lighted the car for America and that is a big deal. Without that approval the car would not have had a chance. Approval in hand it is now up to Audi’s American planners to make the final commitment.

Over many conversations of ours about the car with various executives we’ve learned the following specifics. If it comes the car will likely be coupe only and manual transmission only. Numbers would be very limited and while we’ve seen small production runs of niche cars like the RS 4 Cabriolet in the 300s, we believe TT RS will need to sell at least 600 units to be deemed successful. More than likely if the promotion has begun via social media the decision has already been made and we’d bet it has.

Since the TT RS is already in production and the TT range has already had its product improvement, Audi could bring the car over very quickly unlike the RS 5 which waits for its mid life cycle update before it comes over. This is actually smart timing as Audi needs an RS car for the American market to bridge that gap and the TT RS would likely start arriving next summer a year ahead of RS 5.

Even better, we’re pretty certain on a price. One very senior Audi of America official threw a number at us of $58,500. Since no official price has been announced this is subject to change but we believe it to be quite accurate.