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Mercedes-Benz CLS: Next generation leaked ahead of public debut!

Mercedes-Benz CLS

The first photos of the new Mercedes-Benz CLS have been leaked. Have a look!

As expected, the new CLS takes a lot of its styling cues from Benz’s Shooting Break concept (they’re name, not ours) notably the upright grille and more aggressive front fascia. The sectioned-off headlamp design has also remained intact, and from these photo-realistic renderings, it looks like someone shot the CLS in the eyes with lemon juice. Still, we’re eager to see how this mix of LEDs looks out on the road at dusk. The CLS also uses the more shapely rear hips of the Shooting Break concept, rounding out the revised rear end. It’s certainly more stylish than the outgoing CLS, which says a lot.

Inside, the CLS continues to use its four-seat arrangement with a center console that extends the full length of the cabin, and we fully expect the overall refinement to fall somewhere between the E-Class and S-Class sedans.