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Porsche 918 Spyder: Production details surface from private Pebble Beach event

Porsche 918 Spyder

Production details of the Porsche 918 Spyder from a private event at Pebble Beach are surfacing. Read on for new intel!

The whole car is currently CF, yet when it goes into production, part of the front end will be aluminum for crash reasons.
The center console display is a touch screen, which is a first for Porsche.
If approved they will stick with the camera’s for side view mirrors, the display for the mirrors is located in the instrument cluster.
There is talk of there being a hardtop version and a rag top version as well, He did not know of any RS version.
The rims are currently 22’s, for production expect them to be smaller.
The car does use regenerative braking, as well as a plug in function to charge the hybrid system.
Production numbers for this car is unknown at this point, rumors are around 1000-1200.
The size of the motor will increase in displacement, say from 3.4L to 3.6L.
The transmission in this car is a PDK, and will most likely go into production as a PDK. There will not be an option for a 6spd on the car.
The back bumper will be changed for production because they are going to have to put a spot for the license plate somewhere.
And the tail pipes on the side are unknown on whether or not they will make it to production due to either aerodynamics or customers liking them.