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VW Lupo, VW up!: Here’s the lowdown, new intel released!

VW Lupo, VW up!

We found some new intel about the upcoming VW Lupo aka VW up!. A must read!

It’s only a year to go until Volkswagen launches its new Up! microcar family. The Up! is due on sale in summer 2011 and will eventually be available in three sizes, as part of VW’s New Small Family (NSF) generation of city cars. Although the Lupo name was tipped to make a comeback, that’s now very unlikely. Expect this to be called Up! in production – complete with annoying exclamation mark that’ll surely rank alongside the Kia Cee’d’s linguistic graffiti.

We hear the new VW Up range will make its debut in August 2011, one year from now. The total output of phase one from VW’s Bratislava plant is geared for 600,000 sales per year. Initially, there will only be two bodystyles to choose from: a three- and five-door hatchback. Still to come are the Space Up! microvan and Audi’s forthcoming A2, which will use the same basic matrix, sources say.