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VW: Offering EVs from 2013!

Dr. Martin Winterkorn

VW has confirmed to be offering electric vehicles from 2013.

Volkswagen plans to begin selling its first battery-electric vehicles in 2013 and will market a hybrid edition of its new Jetta in 2012.

The news was revealed by VW CEO Martin Winterkorn at a press conference here at the company’s Electronic Research Laboratory.

VW also has recruited Martin Eberhard, co-founder of electric-car maker Tesla Motors, to help with its battery development efforts, according to Reuters.

Winterkorn said VW will launch the Touareg Hybrid later this year, followed by the Jetta Hybrid in 2012. The following year, VW will introduce its first full battery-electric car in the U.S. — either the E-Up or the Golf blue-e-motion. It is also developing an e-Jetta. Golf and Passat hybrids also are planned.