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VW Passat CC: A wise choice for four-door-coupe fans

VW Passat CC

Nice review here of the VW Passat CC, the most beautiful VW out there.

If you’re purchasing the CC as your daily driver, we recommend that you save your money and opt for the Sport or Luxury CC, especially considering the EPA estimated mileage of each is 22/31 (City/Highway) (the VR6 on the other hand, gets 18/27 mpg). Over the course of our test-drive, we were able to maintain 22 mpg in our CC Sport and enjoyed the comfortable yet sporty drive.

If you are a performance junkie however, keep in mind that the 2.0 TSI engine goes from 0-60 mph 6.9 seconds when mated to a manual, and 7.4 with the DSG Tiptronic. The V6 with the same DSG Tiptronic goes 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds. All CC models top out at 130 mph.

The handling dynamics on the CC are one that will leave you confident when taking sharp turns, as is to be expected of many Volkswagens. Overall the CC flies down the road like you would expect any German car to do, with the added bonus of the long-legged suspension to absorb the bumps along the way.