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Audi A6: Uncovered! Is this it?

Audi A6

AutoExpress has “uncovered” the new Audi A6 based on the latest spy shots. A must see!

MEET the Audi with something for everyone! Our exclusive image reveals the look of the next A6, which features cues from the latest A8, A7 and A5 models.

The exterior styling, penned by design heads Wolfgang Egger and Stefan Sielaff, will incorporate the usual Audi hallmarks such as intricate head and tail-lights. Its interior will be typical of the brand, too – solidly built, with a sober design, and filled with technology including touchpad sat-nav input on high-spec models.

The car will use Audi’s latest modular MLB platform, which underpins the A4, A5 and Q5 in steel form, and A8 in aluminium. In the A7 and A6, the chassis is 20 per cent aluminium to reduce weight, but keep costs in check. As it allows engines to be mounted further back, the newcomer promises to be the best handling A6 ever.