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Audi A8: Quick review

Audi A8

Nice, quick review of the new Audi A8 and the next-generation MMI.

Technology galore? Yes, But MMI-Accessible Technology!

My ride home and back was the new Audi A8, here for a full test treatment coming soon. At the risk of prejudging our collective opinion, I’m placing the A8 at the top of my list of über-luxury sedans, and for a clearly definable reason: The car is absolutely packed with technology—in a sense, almost more gizmos than I like—but each one I’ve tried so far is utterly straightforward and intuitive in its operation.

For once, a high-performance technology-replete luxury car that doesn’t require a 1000-page owners manual! (It’s not that, as an owner, I wouldn’t eventually read it, you understand…)