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Audi Anniversario: Not Audi R4 e-tron, but Audi RS5-based Sport quattro!

Audi Anniversario

We brought you some rumors and even a spy video showing a helicopter carrying an Audi prototype earlier that Audi will show an Audi R4 e-tron Roadster at the Paris Motor Show. We now know it better!

The caught prototype will not be electric (so no e-tron) and is a study called Audi Anniversario, based on the current Audi RS5.
The Audi Anniversario is a short sports car based on the heritage of the Audi Sport quattro and is well known to be in the works since last year’s 100th anniversary of Audi.

The Audi Anniversario will come with back seats as option only when in goes into production in 2012 and is extremely lightweight with a target weight of just 1400kg.