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Audi Q7: Get ready to rock with its audio system

Audi Q7

The Bang&Olufsen audio system in the Audi Q7 comes with an impressive 62 speakers: get ready to rock!

Some major concerts don’t even have 62 speakers. But that’s how many are in this trick audio system made especially for the Audi Q7 by Bang & Olufsen and Bose, with plenty of input from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. It’s based on something called wave field synthesis, a system that manipulates sound in this case by using one subwoofer, four woofers, 52 midrange speakers, and five tweeters. It can play up to 32 independent channels, with computers sometimes delaying a channel here or there by milliseconds to get the whole surround-sound experience for any seat in the vehicle. It can simulate the effect of a helicopter flying around the cabin.