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Audi R4: Caught on film and helicopter during commercial shoot?

Audi R4

Stop what you are doing now and have a look at the videos below. Street word has it that the Audi R4 has been caught on film, hanging on a helicopter, during a commercial shoot in Germany. A must see!

The videos clearly show a car being picked up by a helicopter and moved to the top of a ski jump and, later, back being brought back down again.

The car in question appears to have some camouflage but the dimensions are unmistakably that of the blue e-tron concept shown in Detroit (pictured below). Using the people in the video as a gage for size, this also seems in line with what we remember of the Detroit e-tron.

Interestingly, part of the camouflage on this car covers its c-pillar and rear quarter window placement intake treatment. Little else in the car seems to be hidden including noen of the windows which makes us wonder if this is indeed a roadster version made to look like the coupe since the transport of the vehicle was hardly done in secret as you can see in the movie.