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Audi RS3: Even more intel!

Audi RS3

We brought you the latest intel about the Audi RS3 yesterday, thanks to one of our UK readers, and today he sent us even more information. A must read!

– Audi RS3 will only be available as a 5-door Sportback version
– It gets new 7-speed S-trinic gearbox (PQ500 unit) as an option (also available on TT RS for ordering now)
– Since it is a limited edition model, the Audi RS3 may get 10 more horsepower than TT RS, i.e. 350 bhp, with the TT RS receiving the same power boost next year to coincide with US launch
– quattro Gmbh has tested 5-cylinder unit to 720 bhp
– Anticipated UK price is between £38,000 -£40,000
– Aluminium panels, suspension parts and special lightweight sport seats designed to save weight
– 2,700 total production is same as proposed run for BMW’s M1

Thanks again to Nicholas for the tip!