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Audi S1, Audi S8, Audi R4 e-tron Roadster, Audi S7 Sportback: Heading to Paris Motor Show

Audi S1, Audi S8, Audi R4 e-tron roadster, Audi S7 Sportback

The Audi S1, the Audi S8, the Audi R4 e-tron Roadster and the Audi S7 Sportback (see our previous Audi S7 Sportback intel report) are all said to be heading to Paris Motor Show next month. Awesome!

ccording to the reports, a drop-top version of Audi’s Detroit e-tron concept is set to take stage in the city of lights along with the performance-minded incarnations of both Audi’s smallest and largest models, the S1 and S8.

In addition to the S1, S8 and e-tron roadster; AMundS noted that the A7 and R8 GT will make their official world debuts at the Paris show. If this info is accurate, we will be looking forward to official photos and specifications of the S1 and S8 in the next few weeks.

Lastly, Auto Motor und Sport points out a possible conflict with the “R4” designation that many use to describe this new e-tron and other “baby R8” concepts.